Customer Testimonials

"I have degrees and certifications in technology, but had problems the first two times I took the B trade exam, which I failed."  That's when I contracted Mr Rickter.  Learning how to solve roof area, concrete block, and other sample B Trade test problems HELPED ME A LOT during our private training sessions.  Thank you very much for being so patient and clear.  You helped me pass the exam, and I am now a licensed CA General Contractor."

"I wanted to thank Mr. Rickter for his clear and in-depth instruction, and for helping me prepare for the many framing and other technical subjects covered on the CA general contractor state exam.  My hard work and studying over a 4 month period, combined with Mr. Rickter's comprehensive, but easy to understand instruction, made all the difference.  Thank you so much.  I passed the general contractor exam on the first attempt."


"Thanks to Mr. Rickter, I was able to fully comprehend the many technical aspects of the CSLB B trade and pass the state exam.  I was able to pass the law test on my own the first time.  However, the CSLB B trade exam was a much bigger challenge.  I was prepared in certain areas – like plumbing, drywall, and tile work – but not in other areas like framing connections, shear walls, applied math formulas, HVAC, roofing, and finish carpentry. 


Being an architect, general contractor, and educator, Mr. Rickter was able to provide the industry knowledge and patient teaching skill that helped me tremendously to learn and retain formulas and concepts found on the CSLB B trade test.  I finally passed the trade exam and attribute my success to three things:  using discipline to study very hard over a three or four month period, having excellent B trade studying material, and having an excellent instructor.  The first ingredient only I could provide.  The latter two ingredients Mr. Rickter provided, and did so in a manner that out shined all the other schools I contacted.  I am very grateful and satisfied.





General Contractor


"Mr. Rickter, I just wanted to thank you so much for your professionalism and your great intentions to go beyond the line of duty to teach us the best of your knowledge."

Muchas Gracias,
" Your a wonderful instructor.  I am actually beginning to understand math."
" You're such a good teacher.  Thank you."
B. Andre
"Today, I passed the general contractor state exam, and largely credit your instruction for doing so.  You're a great teacher.  Thank you for helping me so much in the business portion of the exam, as well as understanding the math portions of the B trade test.  God Bless you.  Keep teaching!"
"My biggest fear was math. You’re the best teacher I've had.  I did not feel nervous during the test because you made math fun and informative.  Thank you for being so patient with me.  You were able to connect and make me understand math for the first time in my life.  I have deslexia, which makes learning harder.  I didn't have that problem in your class. Thanks for helping me pass the trade portion of the test the first time".

“As a CAD and BIM instructor and author for over 30 years – specializing in AutoCAD, Microstation, and Revit - I know first hand what it takes to both write about and teach from meaningful and relevant instructional material. It requires extraordinary effort, years of applied practice, and a keen balance between classroom theory and practical work application. The BIM Imperative, Vol. I not only exceeds all this criteria, it transcends ‘theory only’ based CAD/BIM books with real-world, case study examples - and does so by explaining not one, but three of the most widely used AEC BIM platforms in industry today. It’s a teaching approach based on the realities of business - as well as design, engineering and construction issues. Students, instructors, and AEC professionals can all benefit from the Author’s in-depth expertise on not just ‘why’ BIM is essential in the 21st century, but HOW it is actually used to solve real AEC problems that make firms more profitable and students better prepared for the current workplace."


Professor and Program Coordinator Jay Sunyogh

Architecture, Civil, Engineering and CAD / BIM Technology

School of Career and Technical Education

        Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA


“Mr. Rickter's books on BIM and E-commerce are excellent educational tools, as well as authoritative insight on cutting-edge BIM practice within the computer graphics industry.  The author's expertise as a practicing architect, real estate developer, and educator exceeded classroom expectations and transcended foreign language barriers.  Students learned a tremendous amount about a complex subject in a very short time frame."


Dr. Robert Chi,

California State University, Long Beach

School of Business Administration, Information Systems Dept.

Associate Dean,
Director, International US/China Student Exchange Program  

" Mr. Rickter is an excellent teacher.   I especially valued his training material that covered framing, math, and general contractor test problems.  These summary sheets and study guides were extremely useful in preparing for the general contractor state exam."
"Thank you Ed for helping me so much.  After a lot of hard work on my part, combined with your clear and patient teaching style, I am now a licensed general contractor.  Thank you for helping me before, during and after passing the exam."