GCLS is operated by a CA Licensed General Contractor and Registered Architect!

We are highly effective educators with 25 years of teaching expertise, in addition to over 30 years of AEC industry experience.

We can professional train and prepare you for the rigors of the CSLB exam like no other school can!


General Contractor License School specializes in  "B" Trade, Law, & Business, courses for the General Contractor State Exam.  We also teach BIM & 3D CAD.

We specialize in private class settings.  Ideal for busy business owners who need private one-on-one instruction.  Flexible days and times.  Call today!

General Contractor License School (GCLS) is located in Long Beach,  just minutes from Torrance, Gardena, Carson, San Pedro, Palos Verdes, Seal Beach, and the South Bay beach areas.  GCLS is midway between Los Angeles, West LA, and Orange County. 

Do you plan on becoming a licensed General Contractor?  Did you know states like California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho,
Tennessee, and Florida have some of the most rigorous state testing requirements for general contractors in the US?
Most applicants fail the exam due to poor study habits, poor instruction, poor reference materials, or a combination of all these factors.  General Contractor License School is not, nor does not want to be, the "biggest" contractor school that tries to serve everyone. 
Our mission is to provide exceptional Law and Trade education for General Building Contractors.
The company operated by a licensed CA general building contractor, register architect, MBA, and experienced educator.  Face reality.  There are no guarantees to passing exams.  Only YOU can pass the exam, once you've been properly trained and studied for two or three months - minimum.   The truth will set you free, when you do things right.
There are no short cuts or magic wands for creating quality buildings.  There are no short cuts for passing state exams either. 
General Contractor License School will provide you with excellent Law, Business, and Trade material, along with dynamic classroom instruction that will make learning fun, rewarding, and most importantly, properly prepare you for the GC test.  Our promise is to give you the best education and value in the country for the general contractor state license exam.  
Remember:  "Bigger is not better.  Better is better".  {Roy Hernandez, CEO, Third Wave Corp, Former Sales Executive, IBM Corp.}