General contractor courses are offered monthly during weeknights and on weekends.  BIM Academy courses are offered during the weekdays and weekends.  Tutoring is any available time during normal business by appointment only.  All courses must be pre-paid in full no less than one week before attending classes.

School Payment Policy.
All courses must be paid in full, in advance, prior to starting your first class.  It typically takes a week to process paper work, payments, and class material prior to starting class.  Therefore, allow at least 7 business days before you start class from the time you sign-up and pay in full.   Payment options are cash, check, or money order.  Credit cards are not accepted at this time.  All checks must clear both our bank and your bank, prior to starting class.  Therefore, allow at least one week minimum when paying by check before actually being able to attend class and receive your books.  If you're in a hurry and want to start at the earliest possible date, payment must be in cash.

Payment in Full for All Courses, Products, and Tutoring Services.
All courses must be paid in full,  No exceptions.  No payment plans.  The prices of our courses are small in comparison to college and other private school fees.  If you don't have the full tuition amount, wait until you have the money saved up to pay in full.  We do not offer payment plans of any kind.

School dress code.
Our facility is located inside a professional corporate office mid-rise and is shared by other businesses.  Dress code is casual, or business casual.  No shorts, tank tops, or sandals.  No food, drink, smoking, cell phones, texting, or music players in the class rooms at anytime.  No exceptions.  A snack area is available next to the training room during breaks.

Refund policy.
Tutoring payment is non-refundable.
Book purchases are non-refundable.
Class room training tuition is non-refundable, except as follows:
Payments made (and bank-cleared) 15 days or more before your schedule start date are refundable at the rate of 75% of the fee paid.
Payments made (and bank-cleared) between 8 days to 14 days before your starting class date are reimbursed at the rate of 50% for the fee paid.
Payments made 7 days or less before your scheduled start date are non-refundable.
Books that are part of a lecture course will be issued on the first day of your class, after full payment has been received and cleared by the bank.  No books will be issued when you sign-up or pay your fees, unless payment is made in full, in cash.

Free and Ample Parking
Hundreds for Free parking spaces are available surrounding the entire building.  The Lobby has a guard, and the parking lot is patrolled by security.    You can access the parking lot from 190th street, or from Vermont Ave.

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