About Us

If you want your general contractor's license, read on.   We take the time and give you the tools necessary to properly LEARN Business, Law, and Trade for General Building Contractors ("B" classification in CA, AKA GBC in other states).  This means we provide instructor-led courses for both test sections - Law & Business (part 1), and "B"Trade (part 2).  Our classroom books are high quality and are constantly being scrutinized and updated.   We also teach *3D CAD and **BIM courses through our Digital DesignWorks BIM Academy and through some local colleges.  

*3D CAD stands for 3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design.  99% of all building plans today are CAD generated.

**BIM stands for Building Information Modeling.  BIM is the next generation of 3D CADD and is sweeping the construction industry in the US and around the world with intelligent 3D building plans.

General Contractor License School courses are taught by a CA licensed general building contractor ("B"), registered CA architect, real estate developer, BIM expert, and educator.  The head instructor is ICC certified (International Building Code Council), and has worked for some of the largest architecture, engineering, construction, and technology corporations in the United States (Honeywell, Hughes,IBM/CRSS, DIRECTV, World Development).  In addition to operating his own training and real estate business for over 20 year, the principal is an adjunct faculty member at Rio Hondo College and California State University Long Beach, where he teaches BIM, Ecommerce, Management, and AutoCAD.   
General Contractor License School is not, nor does not want to be, the "biggest" contractor school that caters to every trade.  Our mission is to be the best education provider for licensed General Building contractors.   Class sizes are limited to 12 to 15 students, and often less than that.  This ensures high one-on-one student -to-teacher interaction and comprehension.   Only YOU can pass the exam - once you've been properly trained and studied for many months.  There are no short cuts and magic wands for constructing code-compliant buildings.  Likewise, there are no short cuts or grantees for passing state exams either.  General Contractor License School will provide you with excellent Law, Business, and Trade material, along with dynamic classroom instruction in both the law and trade portions of the exam.  This makes learning fun, rewarding, and most importantly, will properly prepare you for passing the GC test. 
Our mission is simple:  Provide you with exceptional instructor-led training and value for the General Contractor State "B" Exam - in BusinessLaw and  especially Trade.